ET2022 Registration

We are planning to open general registration for ET2022 on Feb 1, 2022!

3/11/21 Update: New athlete registration has officially SOLD OUT for ET2021

  • There will be no Race Day Registration
  • Athletes must be 15 years of age as of 12/31/2022
  • There are no refunds, deferrals may be requested for medical reasons only and accepted at the discretion of the race committee

ET2019 athletes were asked, “Why Edinboro?”

ET2019 photos by Mark Bowen Studio

Your ET2021 organizing team has been working hard behind the scenes to plan for the return of in-person racing. We are committed to hosting a safe and enjoyable race as scheduled on June 5.

We are collaborating with our permitting agencies and municipalities to have everything in line prior to opening Registration this year. We look forward to opening Registration for new athletes for ET2021 as soon as possible. Please check back and keep an eye on our social media platforms for registration updates!

2020 Updates:

ET2020 COVID-19 Update 4/8/2020: Adapt. Modify. Adjust. These words are on the minds of your Edinboro Triathlon Race Committee as we closely follow updates surrounding COVID-19. What if this? What if that? After careful collaboration with our safety teams, and with support of USAT Triathlon, all of our “what ifs” have boiled down to the same bottom line – we cannot continue to move forward in preparing for ET2020 with the current state of uncertainty surrounding the implications of COVID-19.

We hoped to celebrate The 33rd Annual Edinboro Triathlon this June with confidence in the safety of our athletes, volunteers, emergency crews, spectators, and neighbors. Ultimately, the responsibility to provide a safe race rests in our hands. We are rising to that responsibility, regardless of how difficult this is for us. We see the realities of what our communities are facing, and will continue to face.

The 33rd Annual Edinboro Triathlon has been postponed to Saturday, June 5th, 2021.

Whether you were planning on trusting us with your very first triathlon or were returning for another round of ET – as triathletes ourselves, we understand your disappointment all too well. We hope you understand this decision. You are absolutely welcome to reach out to us, to tell us your story, to let us know how you’re doing. In these incredibly unprecedented times, we need to support one another. Thank you for your support of The Edinboro Triathlon, in the past, now, and in the future.

For our currently registered athletes: Our initial plan, differing from our standard “no refund” policy, was to automatically defer all entrants to ET2021. In light of these extreme circumstances, we closely evaluated what more we could offer our athletes, without jeopardizing the future of the race itself. As such, we are offering registered athletes the choice of the following:

1. Defer entry to ET2021 on Saturday, June 5, 2021, in the same event you registered for this year.

2. Receive a refund of 50% of your race registration fee (does not include the GetMeRegistered service fee) via paper check from The Edinboro Triathlon. Check will be sent to the address you provided during registration unless you direct us otherwise.

• Please respond via email by May 31 with your choice. No response by the athlete by May 31 will result in automatic deferral to ET2021.

• If this email bounces back from any account, athlete will be contacted via phone call.

One-Day USAT Members: USAT will either (Option 1 – Defer) apply your One-Day USAT Membership to ET2021 or (Option 2 – 50% Refund) reimburse your One-Day USAT Membership fee via paper check from USAT. On June 1, we will send the list of all One-Day member athletes to USAT, letting them know which action to take.

In just under two months, our athletes should have been standing on Pat Crawford Beach, ready for a morning of physical and mental challenge. Now, we all find ourselves faced with a different type of challenge.

But, in spite of it all, we look ahead with certainty, in these uncertain times, that the tradition that is The Edinboro Triathlon will live on stronger in light of this. That YOU will become stronger following this pandemic, and that we as a community will get through this. That is our shared responsibility.

ET2020 COVID-19 Update as of 3/20/20: Adapt, modify, adjust – words we frequently use as athletes to describe our race strategies. Sometimes they describe daily life, but they don’t usually describe daily life for you, and your family and friends, and your co-workers, and your neighbors, and well, everyone, all at the same time.

We share our hope that you and your people are doing as well as possible to adapt, modify, and adjust to our current situation with COVID-19.

For your Edinboro Triathlon organizers, preparation began for ET2020 as soon as the last athlete crossed the finish line last year. We want nothing more than to convene at Pat Crawford Beach this June to celebrate The 33rd Annual Edinboro Triathlon. But actually, we do want more – to do so with confidence in the safety of our athletes, volunteers, emergency crews, spectators, and neighbors. As you know, circumstances are changing daily, even hourly. We will continue to collaborate with the Borough of Edinboro & USA Triathlon, and follow guidelines from the Erie County Department of Health and the Centers For Disease Control.

Adapt, modify, adjust. Now, we’ll add patience. We are triathletes ourselves and completely understand the desire for transparency from your races. We have just over 11 weeks to ET2020. As of now, registration remains open.  Although our standard policy is no allowance of deferrals (with the exception of requests due to medical reasons) and no refunds, should the 33rd Edinboro Triathlon need to be postponed until next season due to implications from COVID-19, all entries will automatically defer to ET2021. This is in the best interest of both our athletes and the continuation of The Edinboro Triathlon itself. Adapt, modify, adjust, patience. We strive for that patience in ourselves, and we kindly ask that of our athletes and the community. Please feel free to email us at

Updates will continue to be posted on our website and our social media accounts.

We wish you continued strength in your training, and, most importantly, in your lives.

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